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Sell vouchers. Bring in cash now.
Survive covid lockdown.

Save my local is a non-profit service for small businesses built by volunteers. It allows you to setup your own online page selling vouchers and gift cards within minutes.
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We’re so lucky that we’ve had so many of our customers reach out to send us messages of support, but until now, there wasn’t a way they could directly help the business itself. Save My Local is a great incentive that puts cash back into the business and will benefit our customers further down the line.

Turn your customer loyalty into cash flow

Your business has loyal customers who care and want it to survive.

Our FREE service gives you a page online for selling them vouchers and gift cards.

You can share your page with your customers to bring in cash now.

How to keep cash coming in during lockdown

Here are 3 quick and easy steps you can take right now to start selling vouchers with Save My Local, and keep cash coming in during lockdown:

1. Create your page

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3. Get paid

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Create your page in minutes

Tell us all of the different vouchers you want to offer your customers, and their prices. We'll create the page, and you can start sharing with everyone.

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Share your page with your customers

Once you're setup, we can help you figure out how to share your page with your customers.

How it Works

If you're a small business, taking part is easy. Once you've registered, we'll set your page up and you can start selling vouchers now, for products and services you’ll supply later

  1. Tell us about your business

    and what type of vouchers you want to offer

  2. We’ll create you a custom page

    where customers can select vouchers

  3. We’ll help you promote your business

    through email, facebook and other channels

  4. Customers order vouchers

    then make a payment to you

  5. We’ll send them the voucher

    you can use our system to redeem it.